You Graduate AweLove U℠ when:

  • you fall in love with yourself
  • you fall in love with the world around you
  • you’re in Awe of the Magnificent Life You’ve Created!

the 3 C-ing’s of AweLove U℠


For us to “get our wings” we need to clear away all the stuff that is standing in the way. One of the ways AweLove U℠ does clearing is with the Conscious Coaching Collective℠.


In the human experience, we need a healthy connection with others and ourselves. To practice the art of connection we use: Awing℠, Expressing℠, Focus15℠, Love Listening℠ and SAFE LEFT℠.


Through specifically designed courses & playshops (workshops that replace the work with play) you will uncover and refine the incredible person that dwells inside of you. And begin laying a trail to the life you were meant to lead, your Authentic Life!

Meet our founder

Robert Bury began looking for answers at a very early age. He grew up around a lot of dysfunction and addiction. He saw how much pain people were in. And he also saw the “cry for love” underneath of it all.

In time Robert became a master of observation & inquiry. He found meditation & explored the subconscious mind. He wanted to know “why we do what we do?” and “how can we truly improve the ‘human condition’?” Robert poured himself into self-inquiry and study. He wanted answers and was willing to do whatever it would take to get them. He wanted to improve his experience of this life and then share that with the world.

The AweLove℠ organization and the AweLove U℠ university online is Robert’s way of sharing what he has learned, developed and simplified – so that you may improve your life, using effective and simplified tools.


““I am amazed… I’ve had lots of counselling and coaching and I’ve never seen the progress, that I have enjoyed, in this short amount of time.””

~ Chris H., Portland Oregon


Explore the world of AweLove U℠

logo_C3Conscious Coaching Collective℠

The Conscious Coaching Collective℠ (C3℠) is a safe place to:

  • explore rapid personal growth
  • practice effective communication
  • develop your emotional fitness

AweLove℠ has developed a high functioning new form of coaching called the Conscious Coaching Collective℠, C3℠ for short. It was observed that when coaching / counselling goes well, the individual experiences a breakthrought of some type. A breakthrough may include: a clearing, an aha moment or an insight the individual did not have prior to their coaching session. The significant differences between IF the individual experience a breakthrough or not included elements of: loving approval, an openness to shift & self inquiry. These elements (and others) were combined to create C3℠ and also making it so virtually anyone could help produce and experience breakthroughs, consistently. [more]


Focus15℠ is an AweLove U℠ meditative practice that:

  • anyone can do
  • only takes 20 to 60 seconds to do
    • can be repeated every 15 min
  • improves your “feeling state”
  • empowers & grounds you

Focus15℠ involves:

  • getting into the present moment
  • breathing completely & very deeply
  • changing your body’s physiology
  • focusing your attention

This practice was developed by AweLove’s founder Robert Bury who is a: Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master, Reiki practitioner & long time mediator. Robert has experience depression and anxiety for most of his life and has developed Focus15℠ to rapidly and consistently change his “Feeling State”. Robert has found Focus15℠ to be very effective at managing his anxiety and depression without the use of drugs, food or some such thing. [more]

Loving Approval Buddy℠

Have you ever noticed how starved for attention we often can be? Have you ever noticed what it can do to someone when they either get attention or are denied it? How about if the lack of attention came from a parent or someone we looked up to?

What is a Loving Approval Buddy℠ (LAB℠)?

Simple. A loving approval buddy is someone you express to, who stays in loving approval of you. Yup, zero judgement. Is that easy to do? Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. The objective is to do our best and honestly state when we are unable to ‘show up’ for someone and stay out of our own judgement. Our experience suggests that when we can stay in loving approval of someone – they can flourish. And that is the objective with a Loving Approval Buddy℠, to ‘hold space’ for someone and allow them to fill up with loving approval and flourish in their life – whatever that may or may not look like. [more]

Step Marketer – marketing simplified.

Standard marketing is complicated and used to require a team to figure it out, not anymore.  Also, standard marketing does not resonate typically resonate with the healers, artists, lightworkers and other people looking to make the world a better place.  So we fixed it.  We created a simplified marketing system that anyone can follow and we made it “heart-centered”.

❤️ Are you driven to do good in the world?  We want to help you.

If you feel driven to do good in the world, we want to give you the unique tools you need to succeed in growing your business. From Marketing Intuitive℠ services that give you insight to a simplified marketing system that puts you in alignment with business growth. Why do we offer these unique services? Because we are driven to help you help others, so we all can make the world a better place. [more]

vectorstock_6349002AweLove Coaching℠

Get Ready to Improve YOUR Life! We will listen to you with Exquisite Attention, uncover what has been ‘in the way’ of what you want and help you get exactly what you want. All with loving approval & acceptance of who you are.

So, What is AweLove Coaching℠?

  • giving Exquisite Attention
    • This is when someone really pays attention to you. The reason why giving exquisite attention is so important is that if we know how to look, a person will tell you everything you need to know, often without ever even saying a word.
  • being in Loving Approval
    • This is when someone feels respected and approved of. We can approve of & love the person, without condoning the behavior and we can still love that aspect of the person by seeing the love underneath.
  • adjusting the Subconscious Mind
    • The subconsious mind is responsible for our unconscious behaviors & reactions. Changes at the subconsious level result in lasting change for the individual.



Awing℠ is a partnered meditation practice that quickly establishes a deep state of connection & rapport.  There are several, ever deeping states of connection & rapport in the practice of Awing℠.

Why is Awing℠ so useful?

Humans have basic needs that once filled on a regular and consistent basis, their lives come alive. Humans also have higher level needs. When a human is nourished on all levels, in a regular and consistent way, that person’s life becomes a magnificent exploration, a wondrous journey – they begin walking a higher path and become a beacon that inspires others.

Basic Human Needs:

  • Air
  • Food
  • Rest & Body Regeneration
  • Emotional Connection
  • Physical Touch

Higher Level Human Needs:

  • Sex / Intimacy
  • Love
  • Purpose
  • Spiritual Connection

Awing℠ helps people Get Full℠ on 77% of our human needs. [learn more]

AweLove-Couples_logoAweLove Couples℠

AweLove Couples℠ Group is a playshop, for couples in a romantic relationship, where we practice:

  • Awing℠ – an extremely rapid & effective way of getting deeply connected with another human being.
  • Expressing℠ – a fast and effective way to communicate feelings where both people feel heard & practice effective communication.
  • Love Listening℠ – the art of express & hearing difficult things that need to be said and see only the love underneath.
  • Love Sourcing℠ – the practice of drawing from a ‘clean well’ of positive experiences to enrich your relationships and life.
  • Exquisite Attention℠ – hone your noticing skills and your ability to give and receive high quality attention. Be seen / truly see others.
  • AweLove Touch℠ – (G-rated) the practice of asking for how you’d like to be touched, giving and receiving adjustments and following “the 3rd.”
  • Also: Acknowledging Parts, Supporting Goals, Attraction Building, Role Playing, Gratitudes and more

Practice being in AWE of the Relationship you currently have! [more]

SAFE LEFT℠ – a Conscious Communication training practice

What if you could eliminate Blaming, Arguing and Defending in your relationships by practicing simple 10 minute a day enjoyable exercises? What if that practice also nurtured Nurture active Listening, Owning emotions, open & honest Vulnerability and healthy Expressing?  How much would your personal & business relationships improve? How much more enjoyable, peaceful would your life become? [more]


AweLove Expressing℠

AweLove Expressing℠ is a very effective way to communicate feelings in a direct, loving and deeply nourishing way – where both parties feel heard and closer due to the practice.  Each person practices expressing feelings, taking ownership, not taking things personal & feeling heard.


Adjective | ex-press |
Simple Definition of EXPRESS:

  • : said or given in a clear way
  • : of a particular kind
  • : traveling at high speed with few stops

NOTE: Taking time to express positive feelings can be just as powerful as feeling heard around expressing negative feelings. [more]

Love Listening℠

BASIC PRACTICE (Tier 1 & 2): This is an exercise on how to listen to someone where they feel heard, express what they need to say and you don’t take it personally yet remain open to receiving their words.
ADVANCED PRACTICE (Tier 3): You ‘hear’ everything and return only love.

The 3 tiered Love Listening℠ practice:


  1. Listen and just say, “thank you”.
  2. Listen, don’t take it personal and say “thank you”.
  3. Listen, see only the “love” underneath what they are saying
    1. Listen for places where your partner is afraid.
    2. Convert the fear into love as the ultimate reason.
    3. say “thank you” and return only love (with your energy, non-verbals & words).

*Love Listening℠ was modeled by Anita Stryker and mapped out by Robert Bury. [more]


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AweLove℠ is an organization driven to lovingly help people: uncover their burning flame, develop thier personal authenticity and foster deep human connection.

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