ANGEL OPP: an angel just paid $832 for your SAFE LEFT 6 Week Private Coaching Course

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AweLove University is a Pay-It-Forward culture. Meaning past students help pay for others to attend AweLove U’s courses. This is one of those opportunities. Oh, and the “OPP” in “ANGLE OPP” stands for Opportunity.

Here is your AweLove Angel Opportunity:

Course: SAFE LEFT 6 Week Private Coaching
Details: $832 of the SAFE LEFT 6 Week Private Coaching program have been “Paid Forward” by AweLove angels for two people – one person (just one spot left now).

Paid by AweLove angels: $832
Your “Buy In”*: $278 + $55 completion deposit = $333
*we have found that a “buy in” by the sponsorees in necessary so everybody has some “skin in the game”.

APPLY in the form below:

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