Awing℠ is a partnered meditation practice that quickly establishes a deep state of connection & rapport.  There are several, ever deeping states of connection & rapport in the practice of Awing℠.

Why is Awing℠ so useful?

Humans have basic needs that once filled on a regular and consistent basis, their lives come alive. Humans also have higher level needs. When a human is nourished on all levels, in a regular and consistent way, that person’s life becomes a magnificent exploration, a wondrous journey – they begin walking a higher path and become a beacon that inspires others.

Basic Human Needs:

  • Air
  • Food
  • Rest & Body Regeneration
  • Emotional Connection
  • Physical Touch

Higher Level Human Needs:

  • Sex / Intimacy
  • Love
  • Purpose
  • Spiritual Connection

Awing℠ helps people get nourished (Fill Up℠) on 75% (7 of the 9) Human Needs:

  • Air
  • Rest & Body Regeneration
  • Emotional Connection – feeling seen & seeing another
  • Physical Touch
  • Intimacy – physical proximity + connection
  • Love – happens from the deep connection and you feel ‘loved’ when someone ‘sees’ you without judgement
  • Spiritual Connection – due to the singular focus, meditative nature of the practice