Critical Mass Report: 46%

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Critical Mass REPORT: 46% (energetic) Want the world to be a better place? 51% is what we need. Now that does not mean we need 51% of the people, that means we need 51% of the energetic focus upon love, unity, compassion and kindness (LUCK) to alchemize humanity towards peace on earth. To help put this into perspective, it has …

Clearing UFOs to What YOU Want

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Learn how to clear obstacles to What YOU Want by spotting Unconscious Foreign Obstacles℠ (UFOs℠) with AweLove Listening℠ techniques of Curiosity, Approval & Attention. You can have exactly What YOU Want. Yes, it is possible. Yes, you can have it. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes… yes… YES! Seriously. Yes. Why is it we sometimes can’t seem to achieve the things …

Greetings People of Earth (lol)

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A new company from Robert Bury is here… AweLove℠ U.

Awe as in being in AWE & AWEsome, Love – what we’re fostering on this planet, U as in University. (pronounced like: I love you & all of you)

AweLove℠ University teaches experiential education in: discovering the Authentic You, learning how to deeply connect with yourself & others, finding & following your life’s purpose, developing Exquisite Attention, mastering acceptance & oneness.