Critical Mass Report: 46%

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Critical Mass REPORT: 46% (energetic)

Want the world to be a better place? 51% is what we need.

Now that does not mean we need 51% of the people, that means we need 51% of the energetic focus upon love, unity, compassion and kindness (LUCK) to alchemize humanity towards peace on earth.

To help put this into perspective, it has been said that one person vibrating at the level of Christ consciousness would balance the planet. Balance is 50%/50%. What we want is 49%/51%

So as healers, artists, lightworkers and others who are being called to service to help raise the energy on the planet, help those who are called and to generally raise vibration… I want to help you.

I am called to this work.

If this speaks to you… we have training, support and community for you.

SIDEBAR: where did I get the 46% from? A dear friend of mine has been monitoring this number since the 90’s. Also I checked in with source on it and it feels congruent.

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