AweLove Expressing℠

AweLove Expressing℠ is a very effective way to communicate feelings in a direct, loving and deeply nourishing way – where both parties feel heard and closer due to the practice.  Each person practices expressing feelings, taking ownership, not taking things personal & feeling heard.

NOTE: Taking time to express positive feelings can be just as powerful as feeling heard around expressing negative feelings.


Adjective | ex-press |
Simple Definition of EXPRESS:

  • : said or given in a clear way
  • : of a particular kind
  • : traveling at high speed with few stops

Expressing℠ Overview:

  • Establish a safe word
  • Set a time container
  • This is a two person Exercise
  • The Roles are:
    • Expresser: the person expressing body sensations and/or emotions
    • Backtracker: the person listening and backtracking the Expresser’s words back to them
  • Decide who will be the Expresser first
    • the other person will be the Backtracker first
  • The Practice:
    • Expresser makes statements:
      • “When (blank happened) I felt (state body sensations and/or emotions)”
    • Backtracker feeds the Expresser’s words back to him/her:
      • “I heard you say that when (blank happened) you felt (body sensations and/or emotions stated)”
    • Expresser says:
      • “Yes, that is correct.  Thank you, I feel heard”
      • “that’s not quite it.” (and the Expresser restates what they said and we start this Expression over until the Expresser feels heard / the Backtracker backtracks exactly what the Expresser said, within reason.)

Coming soon: white paper on this practice & an example video.