img_aweloveu_focus15-hands-upFocus15℠ is an AweLove U℠ meditative practice that:

  • anyone can do
  • only takes 20 to 60 seconds
    • can be repeated every 15 min
  • improves your “conscious feeling state”
  • empowers & grounds you

Focus15℠ involves:

  • getting into the present moment
  • breathing completely & very deeply
  • changing your body’s physiology
  • focusing your attention

This practice was developed by AweLove’s founder Robert Bury who is a: Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master, Reiki practitioner & long time mediator. Robert has experience depression and anxiety for most of his life and has developed Focus15℠ to rapidly and consistently change his “Feeling State”. Robert has found Focus15℠ to be very effective at managing his anxiety and depression without the use of drugs, food or some such thing.