Love Listening℠

BASIC PRACTICE (Tier 1 & 2): This is an exercise on how to listen to someone where they feel heard, express what they need to say and you don’t take it personally yet remain open to receiving their words.
ADVANCED PRACTICE (Tier 3): You ‘hear’ everything and return only love.

The 3 tiered Love Listening℠ practice:


  1. Listen and just say, “thank you”.
  2. Listen, don’t take it personal and say “thank you”.
  3. Listen, see only the “love” underneath what they are saying
    1. Listen for places where your partner is afraid.
    2. Convert the fear into love as the ultimate reason.
    3. say “thank you” and return only love (with your energy, non-verbals & words).

(examples of how to do this practice, coming soon)

*Love Listening℠ was modeled by Anita Stryker and mapped out by Robert Bury