Loving Approval Buddy℠

Have you ever noticed how starved for attention we often can be? Have you ever noticed what it can do to someone when they either get attention or are denied it? How about if the lack of attention came from a parent or someone we looked up to?

What is a Loving Approval Buddy℠ (LAB℠)?

Simple. A loving approval buddy is someone you express to, who stays in loving approval of you. Yup, zero judgement. Is that easy to do? Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. The objective is to do our best and honestly state when we are unable to ‘show up’ for someone and stay out of our own judgement. Our experience suggests that when we can stay in loving approval of someone – they can flourish. And that is the objective with a Loving Approval Buddy℠, to ‘hold space’ for someone and allow them to fill up with loving approval and flourish in their life – whatever that may or may not look like.

What is an Approval Buddy Call℠?
(the ABC’s & 123’s)

3 primary steps:

1. Loving Approval

Remain in loving approval at all times. This is no place for judgement or advice.
You can offer suggestions, things for the person to consider.

2. Self-Directed

The individual decides what THEY want to do… what their next step is.
Everyone else just assists the individual.

3. Daily Focus

Daily focused action takes place. Keeps the heat on.

The Exercise (overview)

  1. 10-20 min. Daily (evening or morning) Check-in
  2. 5-10 min. each way / each person
  3. The Call
    1. (example dialogue coming soon)