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55 days ago I didn’t know I’d be calling myself a Marketing Intuitive… but here we are.

Two things happened.

1) I set an intention to teach a class on a new and simplified marketing system I developed called Step Marketer. I decided I wanted to teach it to people who help people (healers & lightworkers).

2) I started my Advanced Channeling certification course with Renee Madsen Terrill. I had already completed the prerequisites for the course many years ago and I felt it was time to complete my certification.

I started doing what I called Exploratory sessions with potential students of the what is now called the Grow Your Business 101 classes.

And something amazing started happening…

I started getting feelings (hits) and images (pictures) as the business owners talked about what they wanted.

The insights and clarity we got for their businesses and what should be done was pretty profound. I was able to help them get clear on what stood in their way and how to get movement towards what they wanted.

Then the “shifts” started happening for the people I spoke with. New directions and opportunities just seems to “open up”.

I can’t fully explain how I get the feelings (hits) and images (mental pictures) but what makes the most sense is that I am indeed channeling insight. In conjunction with my 23 years of marketing & small business experience – the combination has proved to be very potent.

Here’s what some people are saying about it…

“In a single session, Rob helped me move from a good idea about growing my business to a vivid, embodied, mobilized path forward to the future I have always wanted. Rob saw in me an authority I hadn’t yet claimed in myself. He stood for me and with me as I stretched into new work streams and income streams. I felt seen, heard, encouraged, empowered to be more, do more, and relax into my authentic power and purpose.”
Sage Cohen –
Author, poet, entrepreneur

“Marketing Intuitive Session: Rob met me where I was. And was able to honor who I am. It’s been hard for me to trust any kind of Marketing support, because I’ve been scared and frustrated that the teacher/coach only focuses on doing things his/her way. And isn’t able to listen to my heart, or the immense longing I have to serve from it. Rob sooo “get’s that”! He really listened. And responded from his intuitive care and skill. And was able to reflect the deeper purpose of my work and what holds me back. I appreciated his ability to guide me through a self-reflective breathing and energy exercise. And give sincere feedback about my edges and insecurities. As a Marketing Intuitive, Rob is someone you can exhale with and trust he cares not just about helping you market your business, but moreso about being your self… alive to the sacred purpose you have and are here to thrive doing in the world.”
Sharon Ann Rose –
Author, Wise Woman & Transformational Facilitator

I feel very honored and blessed to be doing this kind of work.

I’ve kept my gifts to myself for a long time, no more. It feels wonderful doing what I feel built for. And the work of helping others who are out there doing good in the world feels phenomenal!

Thank you God. Thank you Source. Thank you Mother Earth.

If you’d like to try the whole Marketing Intuitive thing out, check out and select my introductory offer.

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