NEWS: Conscious Coaching Collective℠ scheduled to start on Sunday

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The Conscious Coaching Collective℠ is scheduled to start this Sunday and we’re SUPER EXCITED! We had such incredible results with the beta run of C3 and we’re now ready to go ‘public’ with it. Come join us!

  • Sunday, September 11, 2016


  • 5441 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR

  • Come explore with us in the library at TaborSpace.
  • The Conscious Coaching Collective℠ is a safe place to:

    • explore rapid personal growth
    • practice effective communication
    • develop your emotional fitness

    Each person gets the opportunity to explore “what they want” and uncover any blocks or obstacles that may currently be in the way.

    C3 members hone their ability to communicate, by practicing:

    • exquisite attention
    • curiosity
    • being in loving approval

    In this unique coaching environment – clearing, aha moments and breakthroughs are common place.  

    AweLove℠ is an organization driven to lovingly help people: uncover their burning flame, develop their personal authenticity and foster deep human connections.

    “I want to speak to the progress I have enjoyed in the [Conscious Coaching Collective] with Robert Bury… I’ve had money show up [that I] wasn’t expecting… I’m talking about in the thousands… actual money has manifested. I have had my body shift in terms of my energy level. I’ve seen some breakthroughs with relationships… I am amazed and I would pay 100’s or 1,000’s of dollars for the work I’ve had done here. I’ve had lots of counselling and coaching and I’ve never seen the progress, that I have enjoyed, in this short amount of time (in only 6 circles) so far. Cheers.” ~ Chris H., Portland Or

    Come join us, explore & get free.

    More info. at:

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