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Learn about the Science! behind the conscious communication training practice called SAFE LEFT.

The science I talk about in this video:
Break State
– Matching & Mirroring
– Breathing in Unison
Parasympathetic Nervous System
– Vagus Nerve stimulation
– – deep breathing, focusing on the present, relaxing muscles, meditative
– out of the Fight-or-Flight response
– calms you down
ALL Learning Styles addressed:
– VAK: visual, auditory, kinesthetic
– VAKt visual, auditory, kinesthetic & tactile
NLP & Hyposis
– Anchoring
– Subconscious Mind
Peak State
– top athletes, performers & presenters

Hey everyone Robert Bury here.
I’m going to talk to you briefly about the science behind the

conscious communication training practice called SAFE LEFT℠

so there’s actually a lot going on here

but very


this is the general science overview of it

so very first thing that we do

after permission

we want to make sure that we’re doing this with somebody that

either knows of this practice

or you can say to them, “hey would you try something with me right now?”

and of course they can say yes or no, if they say yes then

you can go right into it.

so what we do is

one of the people

one person who ever has

the awareness

first says

HANDS UP! Reach for the sky!

Right?! This is a break state

so the point of this is that

we’re headed in one direction in the communication, in the conversation,

and so the break state – HANDS UP!

it’s a break state, it’s an opportunity

to change states, it’s an opportunity to take a different direction

where ever this is going

so the “reach for the sky” part


and we say reach up high, reach to the sky

is, it sets us

up to be able to take a big deep breath which is the next thing that we’re gonna do
rather than

it also puts us into a resourcful physiological state

that I refer to as the champions pose

and there’s lots of


behind this as well

so this we’re doing state change, state change

Right?! And then the next thing the person says is “Breathe with me.”


at that point you’re gonna do three deep breaths together

and you have them follow your hand

You both do the hand.

One person leads it and the other person follows it. Mirrors it. Mirroring and matching,
there are other things

behind this

as well

but so, um, again a lot of this stuff is all

to get into a high state of rapport.


Breathe with me.

You breathe in.

Hold. Breathe out, exhale little bit longer. So you’re slowing things down. You’re taking
big deep breaths and

you’re slowing things down.

You’re doing it in unison.

You’re looking at the person in the eyes, if you have that ability to do that

and when you’re breathing in unison this is actually the highest level report that we get
into as

humans. You see it between

mothers and babies

and some other situations where people are

very high rapport with each other

so we actually

artifficially do this

on purpose

the other thing that happens when we take big deep breaths is that

that we go to our parasympathetic

nervous system

right?! And this calms us down

in this takes us out of Fight-or-Flight

right we don’t want to be in fight or flight when we’re trying to communicate something

so after we do the big three deep breath



we’re changing our state

we go right to the gloves


all the directions for the conscious communication the key points

are right here

Training these spots on to the locations in the hands

we use

four different

learning styles, the four different learning styles, well there are three or four
depending if you talk to

there’s visual auditory

kinesthetic and tactile. Some people think tactile and kinesthetic are the same thing.

I’m not here to debate that

but we use

all the different learning styles to train

into these locations as a reminders

Eventually we won’t need these gloves

we’ll be able to

access this point and it’ll anchor, puts us into this peak state

if you’ve seen top athletes, top performers, top presenters

they have

they have specific physiological things

that they repeat

that puts them into peak state

so we’re actually doing this on purpose we train it into

initially over the course of 40 days

and then spot checking there after

the whole point is that we’re training

in the

behaviors and we’re doing it in a way that is simplified and easy

because what happens is that when people get into blaming arguing and defending

just going going unconscious, so we’re binging consciousness to it and then reprogramming
the unconscious so that the

unconscious behavior

and becomes productive conscious communication.

So the next video I will talk about the primary

conscious communication concepts that are used in the SAFE LEFT




love you.



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