VIDEO: 3 Breath Stress Reliever

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In this video you’ll do the 3 Breath Stress Reliever breathing exercise.  Stress Relief in only 3 Breaths. In 33 seconds you can move to a more relaxed & more resourceful you.

Hey everyone Robert Bury here
you’re awesome and I love you
I want you to breathe with me. Breathe with me.
just follow my hand will breathe up, we’ll hold and then we’ll
exhale. We’re going to do that three times.
breathe in
breathe in
breathe in
Ok, Do you feel different?
You should be feeling different.
we have
we’ve done three big deep breaths together. Stimulated your
parasympathetic nervous system
that little ol’ thing called the vagus nerve
we’ve taking you out of
any potential fight or flight
any anxiety should be completely gone
you should be completely relaxed
and resourceful, in a resourceful state
so this is a very, actually, the very first thing
the very first thing that we do
with safe left
conscious communication training practice
you can use this anytime or if you’d like to
like to find out more about the SAFE LEFT program of
conscious communication
it’s a training practice
you can go to safe left dot com
peace out
love you, bye.


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